Unknown Inherited Pictures

I inherited these pictures from a family member. If you can identify any of them or have any information on any of these people please e-mail
Cathy Canterbury
Please check back as I will be adding more pictures as I have time. Thanks for visiting.

Take a look at Robert Wilharm's pictures. He also has some pictures he needs help identifying

This picture has on the back "Gracie's grandparents, Alexanders"
From Ida B. (Alexander) Sheppard's death certificate these folks are identified as James Harvey Alexander and Amanda (Dutcher) Alexander

On the front of this picture "F.B. Frash, Photographer, Zanesville, Ohio". On back "Albert Sheppard"

This is a post card and on the back it says "Ida Sheppard"

picture400 picture500 picture600
The first picture is a post card. It say on the font "Fischer Studio, Marietta, O." and on the back "John Richard Hock, three months old. The other two say nothing.

This is a post card and has no information on it.

The man in the center of this picture is Harry Sheppard from Philo, Muskingum County, Ohio. There is a railroad car behind the men.

This is a post card picture. There is nothing on it. The man on the right is Harry Sheppard from Philo, Muskingum County, Ohio.
The first picture says, along the bottom, hand written, "now for the kaiser" and the third picture says, "a yankee lass"

This is a post card and no information on it.

This is a post card. On the back is Dec. 28, 1917, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Mr. Harry Sheppard, Philo, Ohio. Hello Shep, I just came in from a ball game dont I look it, my company won the the game is the reason I look so happy why dont you never write me a line. regards to all the boys ECK

picture401 picture501 picture601
This first two are post cards, none have any information on them.


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